Hello Clanmates!!

As we war and become stronger and stronger, we’ve have found there to be elements that all great base designs have in common.  We have decided to require all warzone bases in our clan to include the following elements:

  1. Centralized clan castle
  2. Clan castle range fully enclosed by walls
  3. Clan castle range fully protected by defenses – hogs and giants will stop there to attack (see yellow highlights below)
  4. Double-Bombs – placed between defenses – great for eliminating hogs (see pink highlights below)
  5. Centralized Barbarian King and Archer Queen – with updates, King and Queen can no longer be lured out (see blue highlights below)

Below are three Town Hall Level 9 base designs that incorporate all five (5) of these elements.  Click on the pictures to see them full screen.Matti-g (Highlighted) Sagan58 (Highlighted)Aponok (Highlighted)

Below is a fantastic Town Hall Level 8 base designs that incorporate all five (5) of these elements as well.  Click on the picture to see it full screen.

Drist (Highlighted)