Phase 1: Pre-War

Some of your clan mates may prompt you to discuss Base Design. You should be open to the idea and follow up with the suggestions. It is a great opportunity to learn some tips and get ready for a successful Clan War.

Phase 2: Preparation/Defense (24 hours)

After war is declared, we will have 24 hours to prepare for battle.  There are 3 main goals of this phase:

  1. Fill war zone clan castle troops with level 5 or 6 archers and wizards only.
  2. Prior to the end of the preparation phase, move your clan castle to the center of your base.  Click on your clan castle an make certain there are no spawn points within range of your clan castle.  For more details, visit our Base Design page.
  3. Unless instructed otherwise by leaders/co-leaders, also move your town hall within the walls of your base.

Phase 3: Battle/Offense (24 hours)

This is the fun part!  In clan wars, realize that during war battle attacks, your camp cc troops are used (not your warzone cc troops).  During war battle defense, your warzone cc troops are used (not your camp cc troops).

  1. Order of Attacks: Spread out over the 24 hour battle phase, we will attack from our weakest to strongest player.  This will allow our weaker players to have targets to attack.  It will also allow our stronger players to know whether or not they need to go for higher level players.  For example, if we have 45 players in the war, we would split up our attacks as follows:
    1. Round 1 (First 8 hours): Our lower level players (ranks 31-45)
    2. Round 2 (Middle 8 hours): Our medium level players (ranks 16-30)
    3. Round 3 (Last 8 hours): Our higher level players (ranks 1-15)
  2. Opponent Selection: We each have two attacks.  Opponent selection is critical during battle phase.
    1. Use the 1st attack to attack the highest base you can confidently 3-star (100% destruction).  This will earn trophies for the clan (so that we can win the war and get our loot bonus at the end)
    2. IF YOU 3-STAR YOUR FIRST ATTACK, you have earned the right to use your second attack to go for loot.  If you would like, use the 2nd attack to attack the highest level base you can confidently 1-star (either taking their town hall or 50% of their base).  This will earn you a large loot bonus if we win the war.
  3. Troop Selection: The troops selected for battle must be chosen carefully.  Now is not the time to save a buck.
    1. Use your BEST troops you can make.
    2. Depending on the opponent you have selected, it may be necessary to use plenty of flying or wall-jumping troops (e.g. hog riders, dragons, or minions).
  4. Attack Strategy:  Attack strategy is very important.  Even if you have the highest level troops, where and when to place them can make or break your attack.
    1. ALWAYS lure out and eliminate the opponents clan castle troops first.  I can’t overemphasize how important this is.  If you do not eliminate their cc troops, they will destroy your army.  I highly suggest using 30-40 archers to eliminate cc troops, as they can attack both air and ground.  If you lure out troops that do splash damage (e.g. dragons or wizards), be sure to spread your archers around the enemy troops.
    2. Use your spells effectively.  Heal spells work great with hog riders and giants.  Lightning spells work great against clan castle troops (archers and wizards).  Two lightning spells will destroy a mortar, and three will destroy and air defense.  Do NOT drop lightning spells on a clan castle…it will NOT hurt the troops inside.
    3. Do not pepper your troops all over the map.  Typically, doing this is ineffective.  However, concentrating ALL your troops in one area can result in quick defeat from defenses that do splash damage (mortars, wizards, bombs, etc.).