In addition to the FAQs, below are some specific lessons we learned during our first clan war.  Please continue to share your ideas in the clan war forum, and I will add them to this list.

  1. Base design is frozen as soon as we start the war process.
  2. The team who wins the most stars wins the war (1 for destroying town hall, one for destroying 50%, and one for 100%).
  3. Putting you town hall in the center of your base will help protect it.
  4. After we start the war process, you can put your town hall back outside of you want.
  5. We only have one chance to fill our war cc’s with troops. We should leave this job to those of us with the best troops (donating to war cc’s does not count towards troops donated or friend in need).
  6. New people who join the clan cannot join the current war.
  7. Filling cc troops in the war zone are only used during war DEFENSE and will automatically be refilled during defense war battles.  You must use your regular cc troops when ATTACKING in war zone, and you MUST REFILL them before each war attack.