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    Hello, my name is Jeremy a.k.a. JSmizzle from the slowly fading clan Devoted Christ. We have four or five active members seeking a solid Christian based clan to be involved with and I’m reaching out to see if we could join one of your clans.

    If so, please let me know.

    Thank you,


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    We are mostly adults with a few youngsters, in total there may be as many as 13 wanting to join. I think my preference would be Jesus #1 Savior but it also depends on the rest of my clan mates and what they want. Looking forward to hearing from you! Look us up and join if you want to talk with us!

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      Howdy, euro16v here. I spoke with WingTIP last night, this probably the best place to get ahold of each other now that I see your post.

      Edit: Just spoke with PZ, he says come on over any time!

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        Thanks euro16v, I’ll see what the rest of the clan wants to do. Hey Jeremy, you still hanging out at the Rock? What are your plans? We missing you at this point…0

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