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    Updated 6/6/2014

    What are we doing?

    • We currently have 2 clans in our family: “Jesus : My Rock” and “Jesus #1 Fan”. Both clans are full. We are creating 2 additional clans, and renaming “Jesus : My Rock” to “Jesus #1 Rock”.


    • There are several reasons:
    1. To reach more people for Christ, and add to our awesome growing family (yeah, I’m a little biased!)
    2. To add more options for members who want to participate in clan wars more or less often, or more or less competitively
    3. To make all of our clans start with “Jesus #1”, making it easy to identify our family of clans
    4. To make sure all clans appear when searching “Jesus” (as of right now, only “Jesus #1 Fan appears, but the others should appear in about a month).


    • Everyone must pick one of the new clans by Sunday, June 8. Since it will take a couple days for everyone to migrate, we will NOT conduct a clan war this Friday, June 6.

    But I really like “Jesus : My Rock”. Do I have to switch?

    • Yes. We are switching the name from “Jesus : My Rock” to “ Jesus #1 Rock” because the earlier does not appear in the search engine, and does not fit our “#1” theme which helps identify our clans.

    Do you need help with co-leaders and elders?

    • Yes please!! For elders, we look for those who have been with the clan at least a month, engage in Christian chat regularly, regularly encourage others, and have been consistent givers. For co-leaders, we look for those that have been with the clan at least two months, and have shown exceptional leadership in these same four areas. After everyone has picked the clan of their choice (based primarily on the number of clan wars per week), we will choose co-leaders and elders. If you are interested in co-leading, feel free to email me at

    What if I am not happy with the clan I choose? What about losing touch with friends who choose one of the other clans?

    • Move around! This is really more like one large 200-person (eventually) clan who move around from room to room. Also, as life gets in the way of gaming (yes, that CAN happen), feel free to move to our farming clan. If you need to take out a little aggression (ha)…try our extreme clan wars clan!

    I have other questions or comments!

    • Please either post them here for everyone to see, of if they are more personal, please email me at!
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    hi guys,
    my name is Emanuel and i’m from Indonesia…i really want to join you clan in CoC……Is there some specific requirement for me to join your clan ?…..really looking forward to grow spiritually with you guys…..God bless!

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    I finally got into Jesus #1 King! How do we communicate to switch clans? Also I was wondering why “Army” and “Fan” are both currently closed?

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