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    Hello my Coc name is Valiant, and my old one was th. I have started to attack high th 8’s with lvl 6 ad with drags, and its not working so good. I need a new strategy. I currently have lvl 3 drags, lvl 5 wiz, lvl 3 minions, lvl 1 pekka, lvl 3 balloons, lvl 5 giants, lvl 4 wall breakers, lvl 5 barb and arch, lvl 1 golem, lvl 4 hogs, lvl 1 valk, lvl 5 king, and lvl 3 healers. Thanks and God bless!

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    rpguido (LQPQ)

    Hello I am no expert but in my humble opinion i will continue with 10 dragons 1 dragon at cc and 3rage spells or 1heal+2rage
    I started to look at the info shown at 3 star boot camp (at forum) and i am starting to use dragons in that way using the tactic of putting a line between the closest to th AD´s and a parallel line from target cc crossing this line going to the map limit. it makes like a small cross suggesting an area to attack. Also using what it is called cutter dragons (one at each side of the side where you are attacking) and guess what it works !!!
    Probably my explanation is not as good as the one at the forum but honestly recommend checking that thread “3 Stars Boot Camp”
    Thanks God for the people in this Clans and for spreading the word of God !
    Have a blessed week!

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    Ok thank you very much! God Bless!

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