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    Since that time after time we have new players who don’t know our war strategy in action, they some times make a mistakes in their first war, so there is a suggestion as a solution to try out.
    Also a tier strategy, that can be updated.
    For example you are #12 in clan war & there is a #18 player, it means that you both attack the same opponents from #11 to #20, usually you will have different possibilities for same opponents. So maybe we need some changes here.


    1. All new players skip their first war in Jesus #1 Rock clan. They just watch & learn, how strategy goes. Before war starts, we kick new players (with a message, that reminds them about first war rule & their observer status in it), after war starts, we send invites so they could come back.

    2. We use range strategy #+5 . It means, that in your first attack your opponent can be any one above you (who you can defeat) and to your number +5.
    For example, if you are #12, your first opponent to attack is from #1 to #17. If you are #18, your first opponent to attack is from #1 to #23.
    Exceptions are the lowest players, who has a town hall 7 and lower.
    For example if in the bottom we have 3 th7 players, the players with th8 and higher, don’t attack enemies last 3 players, before our lowest 3 made their attacks. Number of exceptions depends on a number of our th7 players in clan war.

    3. We try to make our second attack in our range #+5, if its not possible, we discuss our possibilities with co / elder and choose our next target for attack & clean up.

    Last verse:

    Clan Castle troops in Clan War are very important, especially in defense, so lets try to fill our Clan Castles in defense, with the highest lvl troops that we have.

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    Great points Acultik!

    What I find Is that most of us understand the “basic” war strategies which is to attack in and around our level. This is what you explain in your second point. There are a few, on occasions that know better but still try to attack a base that is clearly not suitable for them. I think we should let that Brother or Sister know in a gentle way, that he/she should stick within their levels and perhaps re-read our war strategy.

    Our new ones can be the challenge. It would be a nightmare for us to kick and then re-invite new people. I personally would loose track of them and they would most likely leave us for good. The whole point of having new members is that

    1. We can share Fellowship and prayer with them. (Some may not have that in their lives) Some may just be looking for Jesus.

    2. We can empower them through our ministry to go out into the world and make disciples, pray for people and love like Jesus did.

    3. Some might end up being loyal and respected elders and CO’s in the future.

    So, the clan war is a great tool for gospel sharing with our enemy clan, provides us all with a great “clan activity” that binds us together as a family and shows how mighty the Lord’s Army can be. Not to say that we can’t improve our war strategy, I just think we need to remember the context of what we want to accomplish as a ministry for Christ.

    But, we should greet newcomers in fellowship and prayer. Have them read and agree to our vision and war strategy. Once that is done, we ask them to fix their bases as required and to wait for direction from us before attacking in CW. If they do not want help to setup the base or they are not really participating, we should kick them before the war starts.

    So, I suggest that we have a quick discussion before our war is started. Decide if there is a need to kick an individual that may not yet ” understand” how we operate. Invite him back of course…if he wants to come back.

    What do you think?

    Nick (genevieve)

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    Sure Nick, lets dont forger why we are here, and what is the point. I hope that everyone remember our vision, but a reminder is always great.

    About kicking, maybe you are right, but I think that if someone leaves because that they cant follow rules (if first war will be in observer status as a rule) don’t think that we can trust this people. But I trust your decision & respect the choice that you make.

    Most suggestion, was about how to help people choose their opponents to attacks and prevent high players from attacking low lvl guys.
    Are we doing some changes, or we leave as it is?

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    I am going to talk to Brise about this. He is our clan war strategist and can shed his opinion on this.

    I like the idea of that other clan Brise, we post match ups for war on this site? Like for the first attack, you attack what is written, the second is by tier, giving us some flex on what’s left?

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    I was wondering why rock is always closed, or is that just during war?

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