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    Base Design There are two main concepts at work in a successful war:  offensive and defensive operations.  There must be a balance of the two for a successful campaign.  In this post I will discuss the defensive operations involved in defensive or wars base design and the importance of some of the key aspects to base design.  The desired end state is for each team member to full utilize the resources available IOT decrease the ability of the enemy to achieve three stars by evaluating and predicting potential attacks and adjusting base design, trap placement and essential upgrade priority.   Build a base that works for you.  Let’s begin:   Purpose of the Base:  The first thing that must be determined is the purpose for which this base is going to be used.  Some are for defending such as wars bases and trophy push bases, others are for saving specific resources such as farming bases.  Within these two concepts we must define the first of our needs.  Once this has been established we can begin to create the framework for the base.  The next and most fluctuating piece is what is the most common types of attacks as no base can successfully defend against all types of attacks.  For instance, balloons and minions, dragons, giants and healers, GoWiPe, GoWiWi, BArch, BAM, etc…  This is certainly not an exhaustive list but a means to convey the many different types of commonly successful army compositions.  Much of the causal factor here is your trophy cup range, or your league.  The second most causal factor would be your defensive power in relation to your cup level.  And, lastly, for the intended breadth of this point paper, your desired protection and collection of loot.   The WIIFM, or What’s In It For Me:  you will more than likely need two bases at a minimum to be successful in our Clan.   The first base will be your regular gameplay base and likely will be of a farming base type.  Generally this means you want to protect the majority of your resources prioritizing one or maybe two types, but certainly not all three.  You are desirous of a shield and gladly offer up your TH for a maximum 1k loss for the 12 hours of luxury it affords.   Your second base will be a wars base.  These are very similar and often times no different than a trophy push base.  The goal here is to not lose, but If I’m going to lose, to lose as few trophies or stars as possible.  Since the TH is worth a star and a third of available trophies, it is advantageous to have it well protected.  The difference between a trophy base and a wars base is often enticement, or bait.  A trophy base needs people to attack it (and hopefully fail), thus the owner usually offers up sacrificial loot without risking a 50% loss.  For a wars base it is almost certain that it will be attacked and the attacker has time to scout and create an army designed to exploit your weaknesses.     Having determined our desired cup range, the type of base (wars, trophy or farming), the predicted types of assaults we can now begin to defend against our expected assailants.  Assailants have artificial intelligence, or AI.  We want to utilize this to our advantage as much as possible.  We also want to appear as though we are capable of defending other types of attacks, forcing the opponent to pick a style that may not work well.   BArch:  To beat BArch, don’t offer up any “free” buildings for archers that are out of range of your guns.  If you have X-Bows, use their impressive range as their power is generally overrated by setting them to ground.  Maxed wizard towers at TH8 will one shot archers so these should be placed to cover high value targets.  BArch defense is relatively easy to combine with other types, such as GoWiWi or all Drag attacks. Giant Healer:   Giants pathing is very easily predicted as they go to the nearest gun and the nearest open gun if available.  A base with many well placed spring traps and forced walking paths created by walls works well for the giants themselves.  Commonly overlooked is the healer defense as she can keep the giants alive much longer than you’d like.  Well placed seeking air mines make short work of her.  Generally you will have funnels intermixed with compartmentalization to trap and slow giant movement.  There are many bases designed to take advantage of giant pathing.  Labyrinth design illustrate this very well.   Hogs:  Hogs, like giants, will attack all defenses and only defenses until they are all completely destroyed.  Heroes are not considered defensive structures, nor are the defenders from you CC.  These are two very powerful defenses for giants, hogs and balloons as they will not attack these units for some time.  To begin, make your CC hard to lure.  Place heroes as centrally as possible.  Hog bases generally incorporate 3 “rings”.  The outer ring generally consists of defensive buildings.  The middle ring would be any structure not considered by the AI to be defense and a very powerful inner core.  The intent is to wagon wheel the hogs around the outer ring of defenses.  As they circle and attack these structures the inner ring, you heroes and cc troops are picking away at them.  There is one more item worth noting concerning hog bases.  In a recent update giant bombs were given 1.5 times damage to hogs.  By placing two upgraded giant bombs together, preferably between two outer ring defenses, you can easily decimate an entire army of hogs in a single blow.  This must be hidden by having multiple places in your outer ring capable of holding a pair of giant bombs.  There are many bases designed for this type of defense.   Dragon:   No free buildings not covered by archer towers.  Each archer tower should be covered by an air defense.  Place storages ideally within range of air defenses as they have incredibly high hit point values.  Use empty space such as moats to route dragons as their AI will direct them to the nearest structure of any type.  Use of seeking air mines Should cover as much airspace as possible.  Killing a dragon early is your best defense as fewer dragons do less damage.

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    Let’s address wars strategy. There are numerous strategies being used and most can be successful at winning wars. If our mission is to love God, love people and bring the two together it would be imperative that we be successful at garnering wins. Its equally important that we use strong teamwork to accomplish these victories. This builds unity of effort, comradarie, and a strong voice from which to proclaim the gospel. This game is our medium for planting the seed and fellowship with other believers. A method allowing for much freedom in choosing targets is a tier type system. Divide the number in the war into groups of ten. If we have 30 going to battle, it will be three tiers of ten. The bottom two are reserved for our bottom two until all four of their attacks have been made. The top ten can attack within their tier at any time. The middle tier can attack from within their tier at any time, as can the bottom tier, which is shortened by two. Once each player of a respective tier has made at least one attack, that tier may be opened for higher players. At any time if a player believes he can defeat a player above his tier he may do so. Just remember the goal is to win the war and a single is not a benefit to the team. The ultimate goal pertaining to attack strategy is to be responsible for your number. If this means a prior discussion and agreement to switch with another player it has still been responsibly dealt with. Considering in war donations, only during a war and for wars purposed troops follow the request as closely as possible with only the highest level troops we, as a team, can provide. All other times we want max participation from all players to include donations. Please refrain from requesting only high level troops during normal gameplay in order for all of our team to contribute. It should be each players goal to have no less than 300 donations per season. I’ve stressed it often but it must be said again:max participation is absolutely necessary for us to play our warriors role within the Christian Clans family. We represent the mighty thirty. Represent well.

    Semper Fi

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    I agree with you on all of your points Brise. Base design is critical for us to win wars. We have seen many examples of enemy bases that still had the “farming” model for war and could easily gain us easy stars. Keep them coming for sure but no base on our end should be easy pickings.

    Min donations and participation is, like you said, absolutely necessary and fosters cohesion within the clan. war troops aside, any donations is a good donation and to have lower players donate will keep us all involved.

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