Welcome to Jesus #1 Army!

We currently have room for any th6 or above who can consistently 3 star their own base.

Offensive upgrades should be prioritized to allow you to attack higher than your own number in war. Town halls 10 and 11 with high level defenses must be able to 3 star a max base one level below them.  9.5 and 10.5 bases are preferred over full th10 and th11 bases.

We have a few rules to help our clan bring it’s best to war.

  1. Make a warmatch.us account and use it.  War assignments are given there. You will not be included in wars until you have an account. Request to join the “Jesus #1 Army” with the most members. Refer to it before attacking.
  2. TH8 and down request dragon or baby dragons and archers in your defensive war cc.
  3. Everyone who is able to donate max troops to the war cc below them is responsible to fill the one war cc below them on the map.
  4. War searches will start at 7:00 PM Eastern Time on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday.  This allows evening and morning for attacks on enemy TH9.5 down and afternoon and evening for top attacks to take place at the end of the war.
  5. There is no order to the attacks on a base if there are multiple players assigned to one opponent. Attacks on enemy bases with no inferno towers will be assigned first.  These must be completed by 12:00 PM Eastern Time the day after the war. Make the first round of attacks ASAP so we can have time to organize attacks on the top bases.
  6. If you have an assigned attack that is already 3 starred, attack a base below your original assignment — fresh hit or cleanup is fine.  If all bases are cleaned below your original assignment, scout attack a higher base using ground troops to pull the clan castle troops and try to trigger traps if possible.
  7. No war without your Archer Queen (TH9 and above).
  8. Make both attacks. Missing one or both attacks will get you kicked or demoted.


Password to apply for admission is “screen”. You may be asked to join one of our sister clans if you have a rushed base.  Age requirement of 16 years or older unless a relative is in the clan also.  Use English in clan chat so we can all understand.  Please keep language clean — no “omg” or the like. Pretend your mom and your 8 year old kids are in the clan with us.  We reserve the right to kick anyone who says “Hi” in the chat thread.