Hello Astig Clan!

Thank you for being part of the first Pinoy clan of the Jesus #1 clans.

Our ministry is to use this game to spread the Gospel to the world. In this day and age, more people are getting connected via the web including online games so lets take advantage of whatever resources we have as young group of people to reach out to the nations and spread the same love that we received from God through Jesus Christ His one and only son.

“For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.”

John 3:16


Note: Since we are a huge clan we will need as much help from each members to be an
encouragement, a role model, a friend and a brother. I suggest everyone to be at their best outlook and attitude at every possible way and try to learn new things from our website www.christianclans.com about base designs and war strategies etc. and even search through google how you can improve your defense and offense so you can share it through the clan and be a blessing.

As a general rule, we will not allow any rudeness, foul and malicious words and disrespect within the clan. Those that will be caught will be warned and will be given a second chance to stay with the clan. Persistent offenders will be kicked out of the clan.



Every leaders and elders have specific duties and obligations in order to carry out the purpose of the clan. Below are the prerequisites of becoming an elder and a coleader.

Must have a town hall level 5-7 and should be able to donate with a minimum of 150 troop
donations in each season. Elders will be required to share a bible verse at least once or twice a week and briefly explain in 2-3 sentences regarding the verse and its application.

For new members, there will be a probationary period of 1 month even if they already qualify the town hall level and troop donations but can
be promoted in advance depending on observation.

Must have a town hall level of 8-9 and should be able to donate with a minimum of 300
troop donations in each season.

Coleaders must also represent the Leader whenever he is not online and must show best
practices and monitor the clan as much as possible. Coleaders are also required to share a bible verse more frequently than the elders and explain briefly on the lesson learned and application.

Coleaders will also be required to constantly share the wesbite through the global chat
whenever online. You may use the following template as a guide when promoting through
the global chat and is fitted to the number of character spaces for each message sent.

“Hi! Pls visit our website WWW.CHRISTIANCLANS.COM and learn more bout the clan at sali na kayo.Godbless”

Note: for the present coleaders and elders of the clan, you may remain as coleaders and
elders if you will agree to the requirements otherwise, you wiil have to confirm and let the
leader be aware so he may know what better fit your status. Please be patient and do not ask for promotion unless you and the leader had
an agreement.



Since we are part of the Jesus #1 clans, we must abide by the same war strategy and base
designs formulated by our fellow leaders posted on our website. Please review the links provided below.

You may check out the Clan Wars Frequently Asked Questions via War Faqs http://christianclans.com/clan-wars-faqs/

You may check out tthe Clan War Strategy via

You may check out the Base Design via

There are also lessons learned in addition to the FAQs (frequently asked questions) on Clan Wars Lessons Learned via http://christianclans.com/clan-wars-lessons-learned/

You may join the forums on the website if you have any suggestions or comments or ideas you would like to bring to the group. Click on the iink below for more details:

You may be required to register before you can post a comment or reply through our
registration link: http://christianclans.com/registration/


Any questions please feel free to contact me. Thank you for your participation and dedication to the clan. Indeed I am very happy to be part of the growing family that God has placed me. It is amazing how we can spread the love in so many different ways for the advancement of His

May the Lord Jesus Christ bless you and guide you through in your journey in life,





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  1. Greetings! I’m so happy to see this kind of clan. It’s an awesome clan with God’s wonderful people. I hope that I’ll be a part of this clan and I pray that the ultimate purpose of this clan will be successful. May the Lord Jesus bless you and keep you!

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