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  1. Go bless!!! To all!!
    I pray all Is well with …
    I do have a question for Tinky Winky???
    When a clan kicks a person out the Clan!!!???
    What are the reason for that choice????
    Please email me!! To answer why is was kicked out… I don’t recall doing anything .. …After I came across your clan and yous shared and o shared my testimony… I felt home to read so many Good talks about christ… Again God bless all!!!!

    • Dear Arcangelbmass,

      My name is Nick or Genevieve in the game. The reason Jeff (Tinky) kicked you is because our clan “Faith” is a temporary clan with the sole purpose of cycling through as many individuals as possible, sending them to this site so that they can watch a Gospel message. Once the person has done just that, He/she has the option to join one of our 7 other permanent clans or decide to move on. The goal is again to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all nations and as many people as we can. The more room we have in the clan equals more new people get to see the website/video.

      So far in 14 days since Faith started, we have had 650+ visitors to the site with over 100 views on the video. The message of Jesus Christ is being shared in countries like Ecuador, Kuwait and the Philippines..That’s just a few of the countries we are reaching.

      Jeff does not share his testimony with many and as such, he would have had a great connection with you. Rest assured that he was not kicking you for any other reason but to let others in. That’s the hard part of the mission but there is only 50 spots in the clan at a time. You can’t cycle 650 people in a clan in 14 days without kicking a few people.

      I hope this explains why you had to leave Faith. Please, oh please join one of our other clans as I know that you would be welcomed and well received. We all need to belong to the Body of Christ and help with the mission to bring Jesus to all nations.

      I’ll be honest, I was the last person to think that Coc could be used like this. God takes care of how He wants to spread the word, not us. I;ve been in this ministry for over a year and it has grown my faith. I hope it grows yours as well.

      God Bless and please, FaceBook us and post a greeting and a request to join a clan. We will get you in for good 🙂


  2. Just joined a couple days ago and I’m happy to be a part of the group. God can use all things and nice to see such a popular, everyday played game being used for the glory of God!

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