Brothers and Sisters in Christ;

There are over 20 million people from across the world that currently play Clash of Clans on a daily basis. 1.   We accept more than a few “join” requests daily in our clan. 2.   We Battle “enemy” clans of 30+ people twice a week, 3.   Hundreds of people per day use the Global chat. In sum, we “connect” with over 4000 people from across the world every month. Our small Clan! 4000 people will read Jesus #1 Rock and most will have interactions with us on some level. God’s ministry indeed!

Jesus came and told His disciples, “I have been given all authority in heaven and on earth. Therefore, go and make disciples of all the nations” Matthew 28.18-19 (NLT). We have the duty and authority of Christ to go out and proclaim the gospel and we have the “all nations” at our disposal, 4000 + persons strong a month actually. So why don’t we start doing what we have been called to do? The platform was given to us, we have the audience, we have the authority of God…we just need that bold voice that will shine a light in this world.

Jesus #1 Rock Vision:

1.   We accept all (english speaking) who want to join with 1000 trophies or more. 

They will be prompted in the Clan description to agree with our vision and war strategy. If they come to us with a simple “I’d like to join…, we won’t consider their application. We are looking for a message that states they have read and agree to our methods. No exceptions. 

It’s a matter of principal that if we want likeminded clan mates that share a common vision, we must all be on the same page. In this, new arrivals will be asked a few questions about this vision of ours and their core beliefs. Make sure we find the right fit or be able to direct the new arrivals to a better suited clan.

2.     Clan members are encouraged to speak boldly about their faith and pray for each other often. WWJD or say on CoC basically. We have elders in our clan and they should take the lead in prompting christian conversations with newcomers.

3.    Clan Wars are great because the “enemy clan” has us in mind for 48 hours. Let’s use this opportunity to share the Gospel with then via the Clan description. We switch the message every 12 hours or so…I am thinking about Romans 3.22.25, Ephesians 2.8-10 NLT.  Our Job as christians is to proclaim the Gospel to the world. Let God take care of how the message affects them. Winning Clan Wars glorifies God and unites us. Strive to win and accept that you base might need to change for the benefit of this Clan. See our War Strategy page

4.    We use Global chat to permeate the conversation with Jesus. Let it be known to the world that Jesus Christ is Lord. If there is enough Jesus in the Global chat that Supercell has a problem with it, well…my brothers and sisters! That would be the talk of the town 🙂 It is not required of you to initiate conversations about our Faith on Global but it is encouraged. 

5.    We need inspiration so that we are equipped as the body of Christ to go out to the world.  Therefore, Jesus #1 Rock will have daily scriptures posted in your mailbox. Let a Co-Leader know if you are interested in this task.

6.   We will ask members who are not active in our clan to move to one of our other sister clans. We encourage our members to be active but understand the constraints of “real life”. It is up to you to communicate this to an elder or a Co-Leader. We are a team and we need us all to be working together. Click here to see our other clans

7.   To give and receive any level troops outside of a Clan War is mandatory. We should strive for all to participate in giving so, your goal should be to show fellowship with your brothers and sisters, giving and receiving often. This applies to us all. Entry pw is metal martian

8.   We keep our focus on God, His word and His work through us. Having a good raid and getting awesome amounts of loot will never grow old but it all needs to be for His glory.


Bob (BC) – Leader

P.S. Promotions are not based on donations. They are based on being active in ministry within our clan and a need to have a position filled. By all means, initiative is praised here and you will be rewarded for it.



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