Brothers and Sisters in Christ;

Phase 1: Pre-War

Some of your clan mates may prompt you to discuss Base Design. You should be open to the idea and follow up with the suggestions. It is a great opportunity to learn some tips and get ready for a successful Clan War. Here is our Base Design guide.

Our wars start (Thursday and Sunday’s at 8 PM EST)

Phase 2: Preparation/Defense (24 hours)

After war is declared, we will have 24 hours to prepare for battle.

High level players will fill the war CC with what you asked for. Max troops are always used in war, please only donate what payers ask for in war CC.

You should look at enemy bases five up or down of your position. You may call one of these bases to attack, bases are called on our war spread sheet. Ask a leader how to access the sheet. Called bases must be attacked within the first 15 hours of battle day or the base is forfeit.

You may be prompted to modify your War Base. Ensure that the Clan Castle is at the center of your base as well as your Town Hall. The Base Design Guide can help you.

Read up on war strategy in our Clan forums. We have some very smart strategists that have posted great articles on various attack plans. Here is a link to that forum and another one.

Phase 3: Battle/Offense (24 hours)

As stated above, bases are called via our war spread sheet for first attacks. Do not call a base out side of 5 above or below your position and do not attack a called base. If you claim the base on the sheet, please also announce it in game chat.

Always take troops in your CC when attacking. Don’t be afraid to ask for specific/max troops, most of the time CC’s are filled promptly. Most of our th8’s are proficient in dragon attacks and our th9’s in GoHo and GoLaLoon. Don’t be afraid to ask for attack strategy advice. No one will turn you down when asking for help. We all take wars seriously and using both attacks is expected from all members, no exceptions. Consequences will come if both attacks are not used.

Second attacks must be cleared through a leader. This is to be sure we effectively clean remaining stars from first attacks. Of course remember to have fun and share in the fellowship with brothers and sisters.

– Sir Norris





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