Welcome to Jesus #1 Savior!

Howdy y’all,

We are looking for fellow clasher’s who are interested in 1 clan war per week and love Jesus Christ or want to get to know more about him. Jesus is always our #1 priority, but being a clan what actively participates in clan war we do have a few guidelines that must be adhered to.

  • War search begins Thursday evening usually around 6pm central time
  • We welcome any level town halls but we strongly encourage you to upgrade all your troops, defenses, and walls before upgrading your town hall
  • We generally cannot accommodate a rushed base for clan wars, you will be requested to remain opted-out of war until your base is caught up to appropriate levels
  • If you are opted-in for war active participation in clan wars is required, that means use both attacks every week (however life is always more important and I fully understand things come up)
  • Only the highest level bases may donate troops for war clan castles – we want to take every advantage we can get in clan wars
  • There are many effective strategies at each town hall level – you are expected to research them and use them in clan wars


Outside of clan wars you are free to donate as long as you donate what is being requested. We have strategies on our forum for those looking to improve their attacks (you must register with www.christianclans.com to view the forums) and would be glad to help you out in game as well.

We are generally a quieter clan where families come to hang out or you can relax from the stress of a constantly warring clan. We have members that love Jesus Christ and have a nightly bible scripture posted to chat. We would be glad to lift up any prayer requests  you may have as well. If this sounds like what you are looking for then please look us up in game and give us the password shown below. See you in game and remember, Jesus loves you!




password: Jesus saves!


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  1. Hey Ive started a christian clan recently and was wondering if we could form an alliance. If so would be great but if not i totally understand God is great all the time ( clan name is Bros In Christ #YLOLRV9U)

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