Spirit is a new clan with very experienced players using second or third accounts.  We are accepting TH8s and below that are dedicated enough to war constantly, except on Sunday.  You don’t need to be perfect to join, just give it you’re best and ask for help if you need it.  😀


  1. Be nice.
  2. No swearing.
  3. Donate.
  4. Ask for donations.
  5. Have fun 😀
  6. Glorify God!



We have a few war rules to help our clan perform at it’s utmost every war:


  1. Follow ClashCaller. We use the same page for every war. Ask a clan member for the link and bookmark it. Refer to it before attacking.  Look for your name listed on an opponent base number.  Unless noted, there is no order to the attacks on a base if there are multiple players assigned to one opponent. If your name is not listed, or your assignment is already 3 starred, ask a leader for guidance.  Not following the assignments  on ClashCaller is considered a rogue attack and you will be benched for the next war.
  2. Make first attack within eight hours.  We need to know how to assign cleanups early in the war so we all have time to organize second attacks.  Exceptions can be made as needed for legitimate reasons.  Making first attacks after eight hours without permission from a leader will be considered tardy.  Two consecutive wars being tardy will get you benched for the next war.
  3. Make both attacks.  Only exception is if looting has been approved by the war leader. Missing one or both attacks will get you benched for the next war.

Password is “awesome”