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Avatar Website Username CoC Player Name CoC Clan Name
osubucknutz Other
Lewy Jesus #1 Army
Pirate King Other
Redeemed Jesus #1 King
RexTheMon Jesus #1 King
Trick E Jesus #1 Faith
ROCKETMAN™️ Jesus #1 Rock
rpguido Jesus #1 Savior
Sheep_mage Other
Valiant Jesus #1 Army
Tinky Winky Jesus #1 Rock
Tobi Jesus #1 Faith
toki Jesus #1 Faith
Ukrainepain Jesus #1 RiseUp
Vongie Jesus #1 Army
Wildphysicist Other
Yinkoon Jesus #1 Gospel
Displaying 51–68 of 68  1 2


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  1. I accidently requested to join without password “screen”. I love yall mission and was wondering if I could get a request. MY clash account Id is #LVL0L0PV. I would appriciate the request thanks yall!

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